Facts Tell. Stories Sell.

A marketable story about your property and its benefits can put you in a position to sell faster.

Facts Tell. Stories Sell.

Posted by John Hardy - 2017-09-24 17:26:00

A Team Hardy client recently put their home on the market—a beautiful, contemporary ranch. During our interview process I discovered that they had designed the home themselves. I was told how they had played with, and later designed, their own dollhouses when they were young. This hobby grew into something much bigger and they started to put together what would become their dream home. There are years of insight that went into this place; the j-frame windows, the solarium, right down to the private courtyard that is the centerpiece of the home and visible from every room.

This labor of love brought back memories of my grandpa who worked as a carpenter and operated a construction and earth moving business. He was often hired to clear trees and such from properties either as clean up or to make room for new construction. Whenever there were trees involved he would carefully select the best and take them home to his wood shop. When he completed a project he would get straight to work to make furniture as a gift for his clients. What started out as a tree or two he could craft into dining tables and chairs, a hutches, grandfather clocks and other works that always left an impression and created a story.

Grandpa built every home he lived in. When it came time to sell a home there was always a story about who he got the trees from, how old the trees were and why they made good furniture. The pieces grandpa crafted were built with passion and will probably last for generations.

The memory trigger I had was directly connected to my childhood and the love of my grandparents. Visual stimulation isn't the only thing that triggers memories. It can be sights, sounds, smells or touch that create a response.

What does this mean to you as a potential seller? Any real estate professional can come to your home, take measurements and get the square footage and number of bedrooms on the Multiple Listing Service but it takes someone that knows how to tell a story to get the true value of your home. Sure, everything is tied to current market values but when you need that extra edge a good marketable story could put you in position to win.

So remember, the next time your agent asks you to take down your personal pictures and bake some bread when your home is being shown we're not trying to offend you. We're tying to target as many touch points as we can with a prospective buyer. No one knows more about connecting with an audience than me.

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