Seasonal Home Sales Cycle

Sometimes January is the perfect month to sell your property. With less competition and active buyers there's a good chance you'll get your asking price.

Seasonal Home Sales Cycle

Posted by John Hardy - 2017-08-01 13:47:00

I got lots of calls this fall from sellers looking to consider their sale options, typically for spring. It takes some planning for us and the seller to prepare to list their home and put together a marketing strategy, so starting early is a good idea.

Most sellers in the past have looked at me like I'm crazy when I ask them if they'd consider listing their home for sale in January. Who the (insert your favorite word here) sells their home in the dead of winter?

What we're finding out, contrary to popular belief, many sellers not only make it happen, they come out ahead.

How's that possible?

With all the websites, apps, texts, emails and gadgets available to buyers they are out there shopping 24/7. They don't care what time of year it is anymore, they're looking 365 days a year for the perfect place to call home. If you don't believe me I have a couple of neighbors that can back me up. One just moved and the other is packing.

They’re shopping for inventory and will buy well before spring. List your home in January and you'll have a captive audience.


Work Bonus, Big Inheritance or Tax Savvy

Every January my phone starts to ring and I get contact forms from the Team Hardy website, Buyers that lost interest in looking and wanted to take a break through the holidays suddenly reappear and new buyers get referred to us because of our track record of honesty, integrity and fighting for our client's best interests. What causes this?

Conversations usually come about regarding family events, financial activity and tax implications revolved around gifting. These conversations often come up during holiday dinners. Something else that comes up are end-of-year bonuses and whether-or-not they want to rent for another year, which includes a second look at home ownership.

Whether it’s a new buyer that wants to move fast or a previously active buyer who re-engages, these buyers are around in January and if your home is for sale it's open season.


What Competition?

Typical sellers wait until spring to put their home on the market. While there’s no doubt that visible grass, blooming flowerbeds, leaves and fresh air can spotlight outdoor areas and make houses more inviting there's also two, three, or possibly four other similar homes for sale in your price range, your neighborhood and/or school district and the competition gets fierce because there's a big shift in supply and demand.

You’re better off being the only game in town when it’s time to sell. The more homes on the market, the more the buyers spread out.

Buyers shopping in January understand that a home won’t show as well as it does in the spring and summer months. Many don’t care. Having some pictures of your home during the summer months will help them visualize warmer seasons and we typically ask for some seasonal photos, in addition to the ones we take ourselves. 

If you’re a flexible seller (meaning that you aren’t under time restrictions to sell) and your home is already in showing condition, consider listing in mid-to-late January. You can always control and negotiate your closing deadline with a buyer. If someone falls in love with the home, they may not mind waiting until April to close.

Some buyers may have been looking for many months. So, come January, they are tired of open houses on Sundays and the real estate hunt. This is your target buyer and the main reason why it’s better to list in January than waiting until spring and I'm just the Omaha listing agent to do it.


Call me, John Hardy, and we can get started, 402-639-8558. Before our meeting it's a good idea to download the selling and moving guide, The ABCs of Selling and Moving from our ABC Series on real estate.

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