Summer Gardening Made Easy

If everyone had a green thumb the world would be a colorful place but not everyone does so these easy-to-grow plants will make a great start to your garden.

Summer Gardening Made Easy

Posted by John Hardy - 2018-06-26 11:08:00

So what if you don’t have a green thumb, not everyone had the chance to grow up on a farm like I did, so not everyone has experience with growing plants, flowers and food. Also, being a few miles from anywhere made us pretty independent when it came to everyday equipment and other farm maintenance like changing tires, fixing fence and the ongoing list of chores that Dad came up with for the kids.

If everyone grew up on a farm the world may be a more laid back place but we’re happy to share some easy, no-effort plants that will thrive because not everyone was born to play in the dirt. These plants will make a great addition to your landscaping and keep it colorful all summer.


Aster (pictured above)

If you’re looking for a plant that’ll thrive for more than one season, Aster is it. These pink, white and lavender flowers will fill your garden from summer to late fall.



For a splash of color, begonias are a must-have in your garden this summer. These free-flowering plants require minimal maintenance and can be grown in indirect light or partial shade. Fill up those odd corners in your backyard, or plant these annuals in a pot.



The easiest to grow plants always be ones native our area. For example, Nebraska has several trees and shrubs to choose from, consult your county extension office or stop by a nursery, like Lanoha, for ideas.



Many gardeners incorporate drought-resistant plants into their flowerbeds. Plants like lavender, coneflower, lantana and succulents require very little water—in addition to attracting butterflies and bumblebees.


Daylilies and Hostas

These plants are most likely the easiest plants to grow in the summer. They grow in various conditions and multiply with each year. Gardening enthusiasts find them to be a great investment in any garden.


This unique flower will brighten up any garden and will attract cardinals, chickadees, finches and other Nebraska birds. They start off fairly small and can be started indoors in a pot. Once outdoors, they will flourish as they naturally turn to face the sun. Another great reason to plant these are the snacks the provide. Mammoth sunflowers produce the best seeds for roasting.



For summer long color in a sunny garden, window box, hanging basket or patio container, the National Garden Bureau says it's hard to beat geraniums. They're hard to beat but easy to care for. A site that receives six hours of daily full sun, well drained soil and regular watering are the key to geraniums.


Fountain Grass

These feathery plants start off with colorful plumes which slowly transition in color throughout the season. Typically grown as annuals in cold climates, many of these thrive as perennials in Nebraska and can be enjoyed year-after-year.


Even though summer just arrived, it’s not too late to add these plants to your landscape. Grab your gardening tools and start planting. Once you’ve mastered the garden you can tackle planting some trees this fall. Check out these Nebraska-native trees and in a couple years you can enjoy your own backyard oasis.

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